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TED had an idea.

An idea to change the skatepark. Let’s put that idea into action!

Originally from Grosse Pointe, Michigan Ted planned on relocating permanently to Harbor Springs with his two young daughters Maddie 13 years old and Vivie 6. Ted passed away unexpectedly this spring before he could receive an organ transplant. Ted had discussed his vision with personal friend and owner of Evergreen Skateparks Catherine Coulon before he passed. To honor his memory Evergreen Skateparks and those who loved Ted would like to pursue his dream of upgrading the Harbor Springs Skatepark. 

The following images are just a starting point in the design process. Evergreen Skateparks will work closely with our staff to ensure a balance of technical features, classic features, plaza features, and most importantly endless flow. The entire space at the park will be envisioned differently. This includes lighting, fencing, landscaping, and seating. Imagine a place that welcomes new skaters, families, and the community. A place to enjoy and make memories.

“The crew at Evergreen is incredible. They don’t build parks, they build DREAMS! We couldn’t have done it without their help.” 

-Villa Park Skatepark committee

Why Evergreen?

Evergreen skateparks are world renowned concrete parks. Skaters travel far and wide to experience a chance to shred at any Evergreen skatepark. Professional level and sponsored skaters film and compete at these type of parks. Designed for the skater while keeping a natural aesthetic to the surrounding environment, they are true pieces of art. The Harbor Springs Skatepark is in poor condition. The ramps are weathered and take extreme maintenance to reduce daily hazards. Concrete skateparks are permanent and have little to no maintenance saving the city money over time. By creating this improved skatepark we bring a sense of safety and confidence to our skater community. 

Check out the various images below showcasing Evergreen from around the country. Currently Evergreen has 6 parks in Michigan. We hope that the northern community of Harbor Springs is next!

The Harbor Springs SK8 Park Fund was established by the City of Harbor Springs as a special project fund of the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation. One hundred percent of donations to this fund will go to the Harbor Springs SK8 Park.

Appreciated Stock

Gifts of appreciated stock qualify for a tax deduction based on the full market value of the stock. Please contact the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation for information on making gifts of stock.

Online Gifts

Make secure credit card gifts online at


Make checks payable to PHSACF (or Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation) and put “HS SK8 Park” in the memo. Checks can be mailed directly to the Community Foundation: PHSACF 616 Petoskey St, Ste 203 Petoskey, MI 49770

Donor Advised Funds

Whether held at the Community Foundation or another institution, Donor Advised Fund gifts to the Harbor Springs SK8 Park Fund are welcomed.

Slideshow of current conditions of ramps. 173 different ramp sections, 346 metal transition plates. Asphalt surface. All ramps made out of SkateLite wood. It is time for a change. A change that will impact all of HS.

YouTube video from the HS city council meeting. Great clip highlighting all the details of the current skateparks conditions. Extensive coverage of why it’s so important to make this big change.

Start watching at 13:30. End of presentation at 48:32

We are fundraising to create the park Ted Swarthout envisioned and the Harbor Springs community deserves. Our fundraising goal is $600,000. Any size donation is helpful and will go towards design and construction of the new Evergreen Skatepark, landscaping, and any future maintenance. To donate please click the link below.